A Simpleton’s Breakfast

While most people wouldn’t like to be called “simpletons,” I think a diet has to stay simple in order for us to grasp it and use it better. So, here’s what my breakfast looked like a few days back:

  • Coffee—Milk, No sugar (I think)
  • Banana—two small ones or one regular size
  • Bacon Bits
  • Scrambled Eggs—Due to my unprofessional way of making an “omelette,” it always turns out to be scrambled eggs instead!

Eating in variety adds to the pleasure of having a meal. If you’re restricted to eating cheese and crackers, you’re going to crave yogurt and fruit salad. So satisfy your curious taste buds by tossing together a variety of foods.



Don’t Stress!

Hi again! I’ve taken the past week off to get my studies up ‘n running again after the holidays and did pretty well.

Firstly: My biggest problems with dieting is stressing about gaining a few grams again. As much a I don’t always apply this principle, it’s important: Don’t weight yourself every day! I usually weight myself 5-6 times a week and it get distressing! So, weighing 1 time a week or less is the best!


Secondly: Don’t eat at night! Some diets say after 7 you shouldn’t eat and others say after 9 it’s an absolute no-no. Personally, after 7 is the best cut-off time.

As soon as you start eating after supper time, your body won’t digest anymore food as fast as it does during the day because you’re not moving/exercising when you’re asleep, thus, it turns into unnecessary calories which turns into fat!

So, make it a rule, kitchen closes at 7 and there after, eating is an offence! 😉


Thirdly: If you’re an emotional eater, it means that you eat whenever you are sad, happy, tired, excited, etc. Don’t let your emotions cause you to gain weight!


What are YOUR experiences?

Store ‘n Pour

Hey y’all!

Do you also get that lazy feelin’ when you gotta make another juice for lunch but you don’t want to cut up any more fruits or veggies? The solution?!?!? Take half a day and cut up all the fruits and veggies you plan on juicing and divide into even portions and store in containers in the fridge. Whenever you want to juice again, just pour the contents in and juice it!

All of us find an excuse NOT to diet and laziness plays a gigantic role! So, don’t be caught in the “I-don’t-have-time” trap!


Tips to Stay Motivated


I suppose I’m not the only one that gets discouraged after dieting for a week and gaining 200g?! Well…the secret to losing weight is drinking a lot of water and by that, I mean: A LOT! You need to drink a minimum of 2-3 liters per day which can be hard for some and a treat for others. But, either way, water is your priority!

Tip #1: Mark your water bottles to make sure you drink ALL your water EVERY day!

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Tip #2: Mark two jars with a permanent marker. One for the amount of kilo’s you need to lose and the other for the amount you already lost. Then, use marbles to indicate the amount: One marble = 1 kg lost/to lose.


If you following your instruction to drink an adequate amount of water, you’ll have a new body in no time!

Choose Ye Smoothie!

Hi guys!

Wondering how to make a smoothie that won’t make you puke? (Sorry for the blunt term ;-)) Here’s a cool way to choose your flavors and create interesting, weight loss smoothies.


Weight-loss is HARD and everyone hates it, but it’s well worth it. So, give it a try!


Smoothie-Talk Your Diet’s Grumpies Away!

Do you ever think about what you are going to eat? Do you worry that it might be intoxicating? Checking your foods is a giant step towards weight-loss and healthy living. Replacing your meals with a smoothie can also be a healthy option (not to mention delicious!). Try some of these to make dieting more manageable and appealing!


*Tip from Experience* Too many greens are absolutely HORRID!

Quick and Simple Banana Pancakes

For the first recipe post, I’m introducing a two-ingredient recipe I found today on A Blog: Banana Pancakes

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You will need: (makes one serving)

  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  • blender
  • pan
  • egg lifter
  • oil

Now, start with cutting the banana into thin slices and then blend it with your eggs on high speed. When properly combined, fry in oil like you would any regular pancake.

Enjoy them with a variety of toppings:

  1. berries and low-fat yogurt
  2. strawberries
  3. peanut butter and dietary ice cream
  4. dietary ice cream and a cherry
  5. canderel and cinnamon

These pancakes (depending on your toppings) provide you with protein, carbs and sugar. Be careful not to over-do your toppings or add unhealthy options. It may very well be the wrong toppings that prevent you from losing weight! So be careful!